untitled 1

(from black book)

a pretty face my eyes do grace .

you fill my hear with a warm embrace

not in love but i have to say

your smile is sweet and i dont want to look away

i know you see me

i know its ok

you do not fear me

my leg is in a race

what do you think ?

are you ok?

i can feel your heart is in a daze

did you cry before coming here?

or is it me ?

you walked away


(from black book)

every time i think its safe to breath

theres something new starting to strangle me

and there is nothing i can do

it leaves and comes with no mistake

my heart is hurting and i feel so fake

id ask for help but i have no friends

id say i love you but im a mistake

i know its not you

but you can make it feel that way

they say i need to call for you but i wasnt raised that way

untitled 2

(from black book)

talking over others is a great way to hide

i could be friends with others

but honestly i dont try

does that make me selfish?

i can imagine why

i dont like hurting others so i tend to lie

i will find my shadow and thats where i will reside

who knows what things will follow

i think its time i go inside

untitled 3

(from black book)

one day i will die

and time will fly

and you will find

your peace of mind

was not so hard

to find without me

so please dont cry

you will be fine

theres alot to do

without me

iv lived my life

crawling on the ground

so please dont think

too much about me

because you will be

so happy

without me

you will know there is still love

without me


(from black book)

theres a noise in my head and it scares me

im nauseas and red

when it talks to me

i want to be dead

but it will hurt


some day you will learn to doubt me