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 Dogs are a special part of the family.
 When you lose your dog, it's a very emotional time. Many people will want a memorial item of their dog to ease the pain and preserve the great memories you have of your dog.

 Many unique photo memorials  and poems are available to do just that.


Dog Memorial Gifts and Memorial Photo Blankets

By James E King

It doesn't take very long for your dog to become a true member of the family. When the time comes to say goodbye, it can be just as painful. For most of us, we want to keep their memory alive and the best way to do this is with a photo memorial of our beloved dog.

Sorting through your pictures will help you relive all the happy times you had together. You may find a great photo of him laying in your yard or playing with his favorite toy. The key is to find one that shows who he was to you.

Our Photo Blankets have long been a popular item as a memorial item. They are very versatile as they be used in many ways. Your Photo Blanket can be displayed on the back of your couch or hung on a wall. For people like to use the blanket to snuggle. It's a great, thick blanket and can make you feel closer. The image is created from the woven Cotton using a compute-driven loom. The result is a traditional jacquard woven blanket that is both classical and functional.

You'll also find other photo memorial items for those that want something different. One of our newest items is a wooden photo bowl. The bowl is carved from a single piece of Alaskan Birch. Using a solid piece ensures a smooth, consistent grain and prevents your bowl from splitting years down the road. After removing the background, your photo is laser engraved. The stand can be personalized with your dog's name, nickname or other text. The wooden bowl is then sealed with several layers of lacquer to protect it. It makes a great memorial to display on a mantel or in your office.

The Photo Canvas is a digitally printed image that has the appearance of an oil painting on canvas. The photo canvas is then wrapped around the edges of the frame in what's called a 'gallery wrap'. This eliminates the cost and need for a traditional frame.

Our Photo Crystal is a unique, full color crystal using your photo. The photo of your dog is applied, using dye sublimation, to the back of the crystal. Being made from acrylic, it is clearer and stronger than glass. When the light shines through, it almost glows. It makes a great memorial to display on your coffee table.

Our dog memorial items are available through many veterinarians and through our website. Losing your dog is a very emotional time. We hope that by providing a photo memorial of your dog that we can help ease the pain and preserve the great memories you have of your dog.

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