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Dog Memorials - Keep Your Pup's Memory Alive

 Your dog easily becomes your best friend and you become very attached to their companionship and unconditional love.
 But when they get old and it is time for them to go or they sadly die tragically in an accident, grief is a normal and healthy response.

But often it helps to do something positive during this sad period to help your grieving process. Celebrate the life of your dog with different activities and dog memorial keepsakes.
  You will never forget your beloved pet and the companionship they gave you, so remember them well with a dog memorial of your choosing. Pet loss is a hard thing for anyone to go through, but it can be made easier by remembering the good times you had in photos and more because your dog or other pet will live forever in your heart, always.
 These activities can include planting flowers or a tree in your pup's memory. Making a charitable donation or volunteering at a local animal shelter in their name. Holding a funeral or service, placing your pet's name on your key ring, creating a scrapbook or photo album or just framing a picture of your furry friend are all great ways to remember your dog.

There are a great number of dog memorials available in stores and on the Web. If you are holding a service you can invest in a casket that is just their size, and that is way better than a cardboard box. You can place a metal dog memorial in your garden with t heir name and dates on it to create a quiet spot for remembering them. These can be in the shape of a dog with a halo or just a simple sign with a paw print or image of a dog. You could include a personalized bench to sit on if you like.

Another option is an urn to keep in your house. They come in all shapes and sizes from bones to balls to wooden boxes that can hold photos of your pup as well as a nameplate. There stuffed toys with sacks embroidered with eternal love for you to place an urn inside and even small urns that come in delicate boxes. You can even find key chains, necklaces and more with pendants that will hold some of your pet's ashes so they will always be close to you.

And once the grieving process is done you can look to the future and decide if you want a new pup. Some may want a new companion immediately others need more time to be physically and emotionally ready and still others may feel that it is just not possible to have another pet. No matter what you decide is right for you it is important to remember your old pet and love your new one too.

Life and death go hand in hand, so it best not to fear both, but to embrace them. From young pups to old dogs the circle of life is endless and dog memorials are part of it.

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