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How to Manage The Effect of Losing Dogs
By David D. Warren

You might have already owned a few pets or so in your lifetime. You remember just how much excitement it was to have an animal being under your care and share some fond memories with. It is no joke all the time, effort, and fun you have bestowed on your adorable furry or scaly friend. You treated them as if they are your sibling or kids together with the same amount of affection and attachment that relationships with other people have.

But in some sudden twist of fate, you also happen to know the pain of losing a pet. It can be that your cat has strayed too far for it to remember where it lives. Or it can be your corn snake escaping in the unnoticed cover of their cage. There are thousands of missing pets reported every year in different states and only a small percentage are ever recovered unfortunately. Some pet owners would try their best in putting up advertisements and rewards for returning their lost pets and some even faithfully wait for their return.

You might be in this position right now and would want to know what to do to get over the grief and sadness that gnaws at your heart. Cheer up and try these few ideas in moving on with or without the certainty of your pet ever coming back.

Accept the reality that your dog go to heaven. Do not deny the grief or sadness that you are going through. What you shared with your pet is something real and they have been a part of your life. Be constructive in accepting the reality and stop denying the pain you are suffering. Acknowledging the pain is the first step in letting go of the grief.

Talk with someone you can confide your feelings with. Do not be shy about expressing your feelings to someone who you can really talk to without fearing of you looking foolish. Pick someone who can understand what you are going through or someone who can relate to your current sadness. Some support groups do offer guidance and group therapy so you can release your pent up emotions about losing a pet.

Keep the things that your pet used. You can put them up for sale or give them away to some animal shelter. This can only help in actualizing that you are actually letting go of your pet. Your pet goods like bed, toys, and accessories can further be of help to those who needs them more.

If you want, put a memorabilia of your dog somewhere in your house. It maybe a picture of you together or a shrine - really depends on how much you treasure your pet. By doing this, you are acknowledging that your pet has gone to a better place and it has left you good memories to cherish even if it has already gone.

Lastly, keep your head up in spite of the loss. No use in mauling over a pet too much and neglecting the rest of your life. If your pet was alive, it would have told you to get a move on in your life as it just wanted you to be happy. Breath in and out and then start to smile again.

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Dead Dog - Owner's Story of the Last 24 Hours With Their Dog
By []Trevor Stephenson

My lady and I today had to make the most painful decision we have ever made and put our dog Kai to sleep. The pain we feel is almost unbearable and at the moment, even typing this I can feel the tears streaming and the tightening of my throat, just now I still see her ever time I close my eyes.

Although she had already been diagnosed with congestive heart problems, which incidentally Kai was on heavy medication for, she developed this problem with sitting down. Yelping each time she sat, which of course meant that she wouldn't...And the poor thing would pace and pant. We took her that first night to the emergency vet (as it was out of hours) and the Vet gave her an anti-inflammatory and painkiller shot - he diagnosed inflamed joints (Kai had previously been diagnosed with early arthritis), we got her home and after a period of almost hysterical panting she had peaceful nights sleep. The anti-inflammatory worked and all was well.

A few days later(last night), it happened again and as before we went immediately to the emergency vet and repeated the process, when the painkiller kicked in she was able to sleep, although this time my lady said that she kept crying at points through the night which she didn't do the last time.

We had planned to take her to the normal vets the next evening when we got home from work, but fortunately my lady Lauren only works 10mins up the road and was able to check at lunchtime, what she found was our dog in excruciating pain, yelping and crying so hard that she had bit her own tongue, the treatment was not helping any more. Enough was enough and she went to the vets with Kai...

This plus her heart condition was too much, all the vet could do was give a steroid injection but then advised that could fail her fragile heart anyway and if she didn't, Kai would probably not make it through the night.. We spoke and we made the decision to stop her current and no doubt future pain, suffering and mental torture

Here's an odd twist, when I rushed from work to be there today I called, and Laurens brother (who had went with her) answered and said that they had just gone into the room a few minutes ago to place her to sleep, I boarded the tube for two stops to London Bridge and in-between stops I caught an unmistakable smell of Kais scent, it was just the one an sniffed furiously after but it happened just that once. I have spent everyday of her 11 years (since six weeks old) with her - I know her like I know myself so there was no doubt. This I knew was the moment she had passed and I need no-one else to validate it, but sure enough as I entered London Bridge to catch an over ground train Lauren called me and said that it was done.

Right now I prey that she will return to us, she can keep me up all night scratching just as long as I know her spirit has found her way back to her home, our home. I wish to see a glimpse or to know that she is no longer in pain and can be with us in spirit when she wants to, but I suppose I will have to wait for my own passing to be truly re united and to throw magic wood sticks in heaven.

Please God, show me that she is OK. Ads - Dog memorial jewelry

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Article Source: [] Dead Dog - Owner's Story of the Last 24 Hours With Their Dog